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Branding is the process of creating a unique identity (called brand identity) for a product, service, person, business, or organization. A unique identity is created through visual and auditory tools such as a name, wordmark, lettermark, symbol, icon, or phrase. A name, mark, or symbol is often referred to as logo, and a phrase is often referred to as tagline or slogan. The intent of branding is to create, build, and establish a brand identity that delivers a perception of value to its target market or audience. This concept of value creates a brand image that forms a mental picture (called brand image) and justifies what differentiates a particular brand versus its competition in the mind of a consumer. This is what motivates a customer to choose a particular brand over another. A favorable response in the mind of a consumer to brand identity creates a positive brand image for a product, service, person, business, or organization.

When we talk about branding and its intent to deliver a concept of value to its target market, there are many tools and media to convey this concept through a process called marketing. The traditional marketing media are television (national, local, cable), radio, direct mail (appealing offers through coupons, promotions, postcards, bulletins, newsletters), outbound calling (telemarketing), print (newspaper, magazines), and signage (geo-targeted billboards).

Then comes online marketing (websites, blogs, online videos (YouTube), directories, marketplaces, online portals, and social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook, etc).

Even with a brick and mortar presence, we cannot ignore the valuable role that online marketing plays in branding and building brand identity. And when we consider online presence, we cannot ignore the role that an effective domain name plays. Primarily, the choice of a name is so important in long term branding and building brand identity. And when we consider how important naming your brand is, we cannot ignore the value of choosing the right top level domain name.

Top level domain is the extension after the DOT. For example, if the domain name is, the top level domain is .COM. The most established top level domain is .COM. We cannot achieve effective branding and brand identity if we do not acquire the right top level domain. If we are branding for long-term brand identity to create the brand image that we want our markets to have, it is important to choose a DOT COM domain.

Why is a dot Com the right top level domain choice? It is a domain name that gives us credibility and trustworthiness because it is the most established top level domain. By virtue of the dot COM established credibility and identity, someone searching online will default to a dot COM when looking up a domain name. A dot COM domain name carries an intrinsic, unbeatable value in name branding.

Let us narrow this down to the online branding of your electronics business. What visual or auditory do you want to create for your mobile phone retail store or laptop distribution business? What online address (dot COM domain name) will your customers remember? How will it sound when you pronounce your domain name to them? Will the domain name give them a clue of the type of business you have? Is a keyword dot COM domain more beneficial to you than your real business domain name? Is a dot COM keyword domain that points to your real dot COM business domain name a smart online marketing strategy?

It is important to choose a domain name that our customers will remember. Its sound and image must suggest the concept we want our customers to know, retain, and trust. We want our name and visual image to stick in their minds; we want our brand to occupy a space in their minds so they will call us or type in our dot COM domain name to reach us.

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